Creative, discoveries, inventors extending hand of help come to TANGALE.

I appreciate my brother that once had helped me to start my farming business. I appreciate all of you that I once sought for your help financially, and otherwise, even if you are not opportuned to to help, am saying may God bless you.

Please if somebody come asking for your help. Especially capital to start business please don’t tell go t school, if he/ she was opportuned to have secondary School certificate asking you for job please don’t tell him/ her further your education. You may not understand what that fellow is passing through, the way of getting there differs, it may not work the way you it works for you.

Please mamu ma wok ape, lii mu tafidim ku mondee te, sum dhoji ndam ma ya ga wok woke tii mu pip. You helped somebody and he failed you it doesn’t means we are all equal. Remember your history.

Life is not easy with me, born in a village grew up there, from primary to secondary School it was a top time to me.

In my Junior secondary School i alwas crying, “asking myself who will sponsor my A level?” After secondary School, I went to polytechnic where I obtained ND in 2011 in tears, since then I have been applying to proceed with my academy, I had wrote JAMB, applied DE. But often now nothing have changed. Am not staying ideal am using the ground for farming to earn a living, but things are hard to me.

I’am writer but none of my books is publish due to hard life am passing through. Please help my skill of writing to add value and meaning in people’s life. I don’t want your cash, all I need is to help me with something doing and watch me shutting things out.

For eight (8) years often now I have been applying for a job but it’s only weaving a βœ‹ to me. And I want to have family.

Please sir/ ma help with an advice what would I do?

Glory be to God coronavirus is ending make sure you help somebody.

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