Affirmations Work? Positive affirmation works once your mind is cleared and relaxed. However, if doubts run through your mind, affirmations may not be duly be “claimed” since doubts in your mind may stop you from affirming the things you want. You have to provide a “huge room” in your mind to make your positive affirmations work. Eliminate the stress and negativity in your mind and empower your inner strength to effectively utilize your affirmations. Now, since affirmation can be done with a relaxed mind, you can think optimistically and you will then start building up your skills and actions to get what you’ve always wanted. Bear in mind that positive affirmation is quite similar to creative visualization wherein you have to mentally picture the images you want using the power of your mind to confirm and achieve your goals. As stated in the Law of Attraction, this is the only rule in the world where “like attracts like”. By creating positive vibes, you are more likely to allure positive energies all throughout your life and might as well give you high chances of abundance. You are now in abundance of all you need and want.

Stay safe and loved.


Creative, discoveries, inventors extending hand of help come to TANGALE.

I appreciate my brother that once had helped me to start my farming business. I appreciate all of you that I once sought for your help financially, and otherwise, even if you are not opportuned to to help, am saying may God bless you.

Please if somebody come asking for your help. Especially capital to start business please don’t tell go t school, if he/ she was opportuned to have secondary School certificate asking you for job please don’t tell him/ her further your education. You may not understand what that fellow is passing through, the way of getting there differs, it may not work the way you it works for you.

Please mamu ma wok ape, lii mu tafidim ku mondee te, sum dhoji ndam ma ya ga wok woke tii mu pip. You helped somebody and he failed you it doesn’t means we are all equal. Remember your history.

Life is not easy with me, born in a village grew up there, from primary to secondary School it was a top time to me.

In my Junior secondary School i alwas crying, “asking myself who will sponsor my A level?” After secondary School, I went to polytechnic where I obtained ND in 2011 in tears, since then I have been applying to proceed with my academy, I had wrote JAMB, applied DE. But often now nothing have changed. Am not staying ideal am using the ground for farming to earn a living, but things are hard to me.

I’am writer but none of my books is publish due to hard life am passing through. Please help my skill of writing to add value and meaning in people’s life. I don’t want your cash, all I need is to help me with something doing and watch me shutting things out.

For eight (8) years often now I have been applying for a job but it’s only weaving a ✋ to me. And I want to have family.

Please sir/ ma help with an advice what would I do?

Glory be to God coronavirus is ending make sure you help somebody.


How to Get More Personal Power   What is the most powerful thing you can do? The lesson we get from the world religions, and from myths of the world, and the thing we know intuitively is – the most powerful thing you can do is create the world. We all create our own world. The victim, of course, thinks it all happens around him or her; that they had nothing to do with it. According to Nancy Fenn, a coach who works in this area with introverts, “It’s the creative position, as in ‘I create everything that is in my life. ‘I created this world, and if it does not please me, I can destroy it and create a better one… And probably I should!’” Affirmations will get you conscious of the part you played in creating the world you now live in.

I am powerful.

I am a powerful creator.

I have created

and I will create.

I begin in the now moment to create what it is I want in my world. ·I create with my thoughts in the now moment. ·What I am thinking right now is what will show up in my world in the future. Claiming your Personal Power means accepting responsibility for what’s going on. “If you’re feeling hopeless and helpless, you may not like the situation you’re in, but you did create it, “If you could create this, you could create something else.” In working to increase your Personal Power, it’s important to stay in the NOW moment.

There is no other power. “It is not in the past, “so there is no point dwelling on past mistakes. It is not in the future, there is no future yet. To have personal power, you must be in the present moment.” I suggest to my clients working in this area, who want to move from the victim position, that they use affirmations, starting with accepting they are a conscious creator of their own world. In EQ terms, it’s called defining yourself from the inside out. (I AM creative. I AM a coach.) Not from the outside in, “People think I’m…” or “I do accounting,” or, even worse, “I have a home in the heart of the city.” End your affirmations, as you proceed to move forward with: “I got myself into this situation. Now I will get myself out.” “If you got this stuff to happen, “just get conscious and you can use the same energy to create something you consciously want.”

Always ask yourself the following questions.

# who a m’i? #What do I want? # how can I do it? And tell yourself I will do it now.


God will take control over this world controversial disease, very soon it will end, but please obey the set rules by WHO, so control spread of the disease, before it goes out of hand.

Control it before it control you,

Challenge it before it challenge you.

Handle it before it handle you.

Get ride of it before it gets ride of you

Knock it down before it knock you.

Love you all, am proud to be tangale man.

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