I always like o look on optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is complex matters. I believe that the life very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. Whether one believes in religion or not, we are all seeking something better in life. So I toward happiness. Beware don’t always be wishing for what you don’t have. For real life and living are not how rich we are Luke 12:15. You don’t have to be on skid row feel that


Giraffe cooked for all the animals. He put big two pots of porridge on the fire in front of his house. He went inside the house to take plates and left the porridge on the fire. When tortoise got to Giraffe’s house, he saw the pots of porridge on the fire. He. Quickly put some porridge in a bowl and put it on his head. He put on his Cap and greeted Giraffe when he came out of his house. Giraffe spoke with him for some time. The porridge was very hot and the heat was affecting his head.

By the time he got home, all the hair on his head had fallen off because of the heat. The other animals went to his house to see him. He told them what happened. They all laughed. You should have worked when we were all working, said the cat. A Lazy person will always go hungry. You reader what do you lean.


BEFORE THE BEGINNING, A Short Story: continuation

Faith Nathan


A Short Story

…Before he could utter a word, kunlung spoke, “I know you are surprised, but I am he whom you are waiting for, the messenger of Yamba, now let’s see how far you have gone with the preparations”…


…With this, the chief priest was brought back from his reverie and was showing Kunlung the shrine, the earthen pots, the calabashes, all ready for the great Eku festival, he went further to show him the goats to be slaughtered and other presents to be offered to Yamba on that day.
“Come let’s go into the village and you will see how we are all preparing for this festival” said the chief priest to Kunlung. Kunlung suddenly transformed into his snake form and slithered behind the chief priest towards the village.
The sun was already setting when the chief priest and Kunlung made it to the…

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Time is money, money is time if waste one you are wasting both of them. your 20s is the prime time of great achievement, is a virgin that has true love don’t disvirgin without marrying it, is a virgin land cultivate it, is a living thing with legs pursue it, and it is wealth invest it, time is a King respect it, is a purpose pursue it.
One of the greatest thing to pursue in life is purpose, and the only and best of all greatest and worth investment for your purpose is TIME. procrastination can never help you, start investing it now, right there you are.
Anything worth doing is worth doing now, don’t talk tomorrow, because that thing that will stop you from doing it now will surely stop you from doing it tomorrow.
Anything that is worth doing is your purpose, let it be part of you; if you are dancing, dance your purpose; if it is crying, cry your purpose; if you are playing, play your purpose; is it eating, eat your purpose; are you arguing, argue your purpose; talk your purpose, walk and work your purpose because it is what will make you outstanding which means you’re different.
Don’t complain on what you suppose to do, supposing to do’ means you can do it, why given it to somebody who will only try to do? Perfection is found in things you suppose to do and in the perfect time which is now. Don’t look up to the dark cloud it’s always there during raining season, while the hotness of sun remained there in dry season and you can never stop wind from blowing, so don’t wait for the perfect time the perfect time is now.

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