Bear in mind that you also have to implement your positive affirmations. Meaning, don’t just say these affirmations in your mind but you also have to take necessary actions and make a move to get what you want. Be active in a way that you are simply using your affirmations as your daily exercise or daily routines. Some of these actions to help you apply your affirmations are as follows:

1. Use a mirror – Once you wake up in the morning, you can use a small mirror or a life size one and look in front of the mirror. Using your affirmations, you can tell these to yourself by looking into the mirror. With this, you are empowering your mind and body to go on with your daily life and with positive outcome. Example: You are ready to work. Tell to yourself in front of the mirror, “I am happy to go to work” instead of, “I will be happy to go to work”. With this, you are already affirming to yourself that you are happy to go to work and this will surely happen all through the day.

2. Jot it – It is also an excellent idea to write down your affirmations. Make a list and read these lists of affirmations everyday to inspire you in your everyday endeavors.

3. Make it visible – You can also make your affirmations visible. You can do this by representing pictures or things that you see every day in your home or in your work.

4. My husband is the best man ever, he has provided everything for me and our children. No matter how he is turning your effort upside down, keep on smiling, praise him and satisfied with everything.

As an example, you have a picture of the car you want. All you have to do is to place it in front of your mirror, screensaver, work table and etc. to simply affirm that you will get the car you want. The image of a car will serve as your “inspiration” in having a new car and all you have to do is to affirm it repeatedly every time you see the image of the car.

Am seeing you shining in the Storm, keep on moving forward it’s over now.

Thanks for relogging, liking, reading, commending. I love you all.🌷


Be encouraged by yourself.

Once you have affirmed the things you want in your life, you also have to manifest it positively. This means that you have to declare your affirmations without hesitations and avoid using words that are negative. Don’t be afraid to say the things you want to achieve. Instead, use these positive affirmations as your “inspiration” to be successful.

For instance, your affirmation is about health, you don’t have to say,

“I will be healthy”; instead you can say, “I am healthy”. This way, you are already affirming that you are definitely healthy. Another example is about wealth, you can manifest this by telling to yourself, “I am wealthy” instead of “I will be wealthy”. Now, to start manifesting affirmations, you can “utter” these ideas in your mind.

I get what I want

I am beautiful

I can forgive and forget ·

I love myself ·

I can change for the better ·

I have time for myself ·

I am one with God ·

I am loved ·

I am not alone ·

I am respected ·

I am happy ·

I am a good father ·

I am a good mother ·

I am a good son/daughter ·

I love my family ·

I am wealthy These are just some of the affirmations you can confirm using the power of your mind.

Put your mind in good shape and condition always. May God bless you with all good things.


🎁🏆The pleasant surprise gift from Amudno to Simi.🌷🌺🌸💐🌻🥀🌼🏵️💝💗💖💓

Oh baby🥀………….

Oh my sweetheart ❤️………..

Whom occopie me🏵️…………

Who took over all night 🌃……….

While I been ……

So confused 😂………

Thinking only about you 😘………

Oh fancy🏖️…………..

Mercy me🌻…….

Mercy the heart 💔……..

Which loved you💘…………

as the blood runs……..

with all veins…….

just to reach your HEART 💓……


Oh Queen of my 💗………

My baby whom I breathe……

with every breath…….

I smell your perfume…….

poetic perfume……..

which lead my pen………

to write about the love……..

which always it’s only you…..

Oh AMUDNO🌷……..

Whom your perfume always 😍……

Live with me……..

Inside me……..

With every breathe…….

to make me feel romatic……

to write my romantic poem…..

Only about you……..

because of your ROMANTIC smell…….

Yes sweetheart you are the best.

I LOVE YOU ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ AMUDNO

MARRY ME 🌷🌺🌸💐💐💐🌻🏵️🥀.

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